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Why buy organic bedding?

There are many reasons to buy organic bedding. The main reason is that the crops used to create the cotton or other materials are not infused with synthetic chemicals or genetically modified variants of the plants or animals that produce the materials.

Did you know that in order to be certified organic, a crop has to go through a three year cleansing period during which no unapproved chemicals may be used on the the crop? During this time, the farmers must work on increasing soil quality and create a plan to encourage a diverse ecosystem that goes beyond the crop itself.

Organically made sheets and other bedding also reduce the exposure of humans to synthetic chemicals -- from those who work on the farm to those who process the materials. Of course this also ensures that the consumer is not even mildly exposed to synthetic chemicals often used to grow non-organic crops.

There are many types of bedding that are made with materials like organic cotton:

Organic bedding can be made from a variety of materials, including cotton, silk, bamboo, calico, hemp & others. In some instances, organic materials are blended with biodegradable and eco-friendly glues and binding materials.

Another benefit of organic bedding is that people with allergies are less bothered by sleeping on organic sheets or mattresses.